About Me.

Marlene Burns
International NFT Artist

“Artists view the world through a different window. I feel obligated to report what I see and how I perceive it.”

Painting has always been my medium. In particular, I love acrylic paint for its easy application and quick drying time. It suits my need to move quickly in making a statement and seizing a mood. My emphasis is on the process. It is passionate, focused and meditative.

If I had to label my work, I would call it abstract expressionism. The masters of that movement have influenced me with their work and their words. It is always thrilling to start with a blank canvas, allow my innermost feelings to take over and see what develops.

When I paint for myself, it is incredibly exciting not to understand the depth of a painting when first completed. I need time to study it just as any observer would.
As the abstract expressionists did in their time, I experiment with the medium. The technical process involves using airbrush ink to create the shapes and then allow the ink to drip and move around on the canvas. Additional texture is built with layers of gesso, molding paste and acrylic paint. I then hide what isn’t needed in fields of color that wash areas of the canvas, leaving a myriad of subtleties to discover. I have experimented with metallic paint colors and geometric applications in wood, paper and plastic as well.

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